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  Welcome to Hugin Mugin Research,
where information turns into knowledge

Hugin Mugin Research provides biomedical research, data management, consulting and writing services.

In need of key biomedical knowledge to bring your research projects up to speed?
Hugin Mugin Research has academic research experience in a variety of biomedical domains and brings to the table strong analytical skills and strategic thinking.

Short in staff or time to drive research projects forward? Not sure which data to obtain, how to best collect, process or analyse them?
Hugin Mugin Research conducts feasibility studies, and provides state-of-the-art literature analysis, data management, data analysis and interpretation.

Could your lab processes or information systems do with an upgrade?
Hugin Mugin Research facilitates process improvement and implementation of laboratory information management systems (LIMS) by getting laboratory users and IT specialists on the same page.

Publish or perish? And publish where?
Hugin Mugin Research works with you to develop a publication strategy, to select appropriate journals so your results get the attention they deserve. We provide writing and editing services for papers, reports, research grants, scientific posters and abstracts.

Working from a strong medical and scientific background, with an analytical mind and attention to detail, Hugin Mugin Research provides the customised analysis, advice and reporting you need to get the most out of your research data.

Take a look at our services for more details or contact us at
or +32 3 899 48 11 for more information or a project quote.

Hugin Mugin research is a member of:
• The Association of Independent Information Professionals (AIIP)
• European Medical Writers Association (EMWA)
• FlandersBio